A Little Bit About Us

Hey there, and welcome to UltimateBets.co.uk.
Here's a little something about us, nothing much needed to be said apart from that we live for finding the best deals with bookmakers all over the internet, some big names which you've heard of, and some smaller which you may not.. but sometimes it's the smaller ones which really hold the great value free bets, and this is why we're here.. to show you the best free bets online!
The team here check the online bookmakers daily to see for any new up to date bets, also because we've been getting our name out we've attracted the attention of some bookmakers who will give us exclusive and special bets better than any other site, and of course, we give them to you straight away no fuss or hesitation!
We try, test and scruitenise all the bookmakers we promote to make sure your as safe as can be in our hands!

... And remember, Stay. Play. Win.