Betting Promotions: Spoilt For Choice

Bookmakers may not be too happy about the amount of competition they face these days, but this is a bonus for gambling fans. Not only have a great number of new companies sprung up in recent years but the advent of the Internet and wide use of smartphone apps means competition is fierce, resulting in a range of tempting betting promotions for sports fans. As betting becomes ever more accessible, companies are under a great deal of pressure, not only to compete with their rivals, but to come up with the best betting promotions, which frequently involve free bets.

Take Advantage Of Betting Promotions

The vast range of betting promotions available has led to increasingly tempting offers, perhaps making it difficult to know which to choose from. Although, if you have the time – and, let’s face it, if you’ve downloaded a betting app, you can bet while on your daily commute these days – why not take advantage of as many deals as possible? Many people are doing exactly that and raking in considerable winnings by protecting their bonus stake with a matched bet. This involves creating an account on a website that is running a betting promotion involving free bets. Once you’ve provided your details and your account is set up, you simply deposit funds and place a bet on anything that catches your eye. You then need to open an account with a bet exchange site, of which there are numerous, and place an opposing bet of equal value. Once the event is over, regardless of the result, you will have protected your original stake. For example, if you bet on Serena Williams to win the Wimbledon finals, and your opposing bet is based on her losing, whatever the outcome, you won’t lose your stake. If you then repeat this process, you will start to reap a profit. While the odds of becoming a millionaire using this method are low, it is possible to bring in a reasonable level of extra income this way. Opportunities to do so are not as limited as you may think. Although many free bet offers campaigns are aimed at new customers, many sites also offer free bet deals for existing customers.

Online Betting Promotions And Major Sports Events

Many promotional campaigns are now planned to coincide with major sports events. A change in traditional gambling habits has occurred, with a slump in bets placed in high street bookies; the majority are now being placed online. This also means that the profile of a typical ‘punter’ has changed, and online betting promotions are one way for companies to attract younger clients. By running these simultaneously with popular sports events, bookmakers see a major boost in the number of bets placed. Football attracts a lot of attention in the UK, but other major events that bookmakers capitalise on include major horse racing events and international tournaments in any sport. That said, the days when horse racing or sporting events were the only markets available to bet on are long gone; markets now range from politics to reality TV shows. This in itself is evidence of how bookies have had to diversify. The range of bets available has also evolved with possibilities no longer limited to the outcome of an event, but also on the first goal scorer in a football match, betting on a final score or even betting on which song will be Christmas number one. Accumulators are also popular – where a sequence of bets all have to be successful for the customer to be guaranteed a pay-out. Although the overall odds of them paying off are slim, many are attracted by the potential pay-out. - Finding The Best Betting Promotions

With advertising not only online but on TV, billboards and the radio, betting companies are not difficult to find. With the array of betting promotions on offer though, it can be difficult to narrow them down and choose which offers are right for you. This is where comes into the equation. Gathering together details of all the latest offers, one visit to our website will introduce you to the top betting promotions, opening up a world of free bets. Avoid trawling the web and head to our website today to find the best online betting promotions and free bets -

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