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Bet365 offering a modest 200% Welcome Bonus..

Bet365 are more known for their sports betting, but them moving into the Bingo market isn't a bad thing in the slightest..

Now to most of us, Bingo is something which the older generation of ladies attend, they go to a large Bingo hall (zimmer frame and all) and have a great time and normally win, whether it be £5 or £1000 someone is always winning..

You now can't be further from the truth, everyone is playing it, men and especially women, it's easy and the rewards are normally pretty damn good!
Bet365 are doing a 200% welcome bonus from a minimum of £10 deposit which would get you £20 free..
All the way up to the maximum deposit of £50 which would get you £100 extra Free. That's a lot of bingo tickets!

There's also more bonus' to have with the Bet365 Bingo, also £1000 Worth of Free Bingo Bets, have a look on the site for more information if your a day time player within the times of 13:00pm to 19:00pm UK time.

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