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Costa Bingo have gone in massively with this multiple Welcome Bonus offer..

You've heard of Costa Bingo before right, just don't know why it's name does ring some bells.. this should re-jog your memory a bit, A GIANT Mel B (from spice girls) tearing up the city of London looking for the best place to play Bingo, that should of done it!

If your like us and when you see a celebrity sponsoring a something which they've looked to have never done before you may think it looks a bit shameless, and it's just trying to cover the fact that it's a pretty awful site, that's what we normally think, and yes even though we doubt Mel B has ever really played bingo..

..Costa Bingo is in fact very good! Spun that around on it's head then didn't we!

If you've been on this site a few times before you know we love Free Money, that's what we're all about, Costa has done exactly that..
No deposit needed, just register and Costa Bingo will give you £5 completely free.

Then after you've enjoyed the Free Money they start giving you multiple Welcome Bonus':

- 500% Welcome Bonus on 1st Deposit: Deposit £10 and get £50 Free!
- 150% Welcome Bonus on 2nd Deposit: Deposit within £10 - £100 and you get 150% of your Deposit Free! Enter Code TWO at the cashier to claim this!
- 100% Welcome Bonus on 3rd Deposit: Deposit within £10 - £100 and you get 100% of your Deposit Free! Enter Code THREE at the cashier to claim this!

Also what really ticks the boxes with us, when companies keep loyal customers happy and keep giving promotions to loyal customers rather just new customers, Costa Bingo have done this too..

- 50% Welcome Bonus on every Deposit there after: Deposit within £10 - £100 and you get 50% of your Deposit Free! No Code needed for this, just deposit and your cash will be there automatically!

Costa Bingo is in our good books for being a top bookie, well done lads.. and Mel B, sorta.

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