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A Great progressive bet we think you should know about..

Now we don't always like to show you MASSIVE bets, ones which say something along the lines of deposit £15k and get £15k back Free Bonus, because this is unrealistic and if we wouldn't put money down on something we're showing you..
We wouldn't be showing it, fact.

But this offer from Genting is one which we think you should look at because you can ether bet small, or you can bet pretty damn big..
The minimum deposit on all of the following offers we're about to show you is £10, not bad really..

1st deposit - 100% up to £500
2nd deposit - 50% up to £200
4th deposit - 75% up to £100
6th deposit - 100% up to £200

This offer gives you the ability to ether bet big, or bet small and just play around.
We do like Genting Casino they give the typical games which you would expect to see at a casino games machines and which keep you entertained.

Remember the minimum deposit on any of the deposits is £10, but hey, make the most of it.

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