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A 200% bonus from a big name in the business to all you Slots and Table Game lovers..

Right, well we all know of Sky, you've probably had your fair share of arguments with them on the phone about your T.V package costs too much and how they try and justify putting the price of Sky Sports up every month, but hey we're not here to rant are we.. well, ok maybe.
All that aside they do have a pretty good Welcome Bonus for us to have a look at..

To start with just for registering they'll give you £10 Free to play with, this is to get you in the mood to play the games and to see what they have to offer, which is a lot in this case, the games really are quite good, the user interface is well designed and it feels like a pleasure looking around the site, some sites can be quite hard to navigate around but this isn't one of those..

Now once you've had a look around and fancy putting down your first deposit, they have a Welcome Bonus which is hard to beat, it's rare you come across a 200% Welcome Bonus, but we guess that's because there's quite a lot of competition out there trying to get your attention so Sky Vegas had to do something different, and doing a 200% Welcome Bonus up to £1000 is a great way to do that!
To get this offer, when you register you need to enter the code WELCOME and this will give you the £10 Free Money and entitle you to the 200% up to £1000 Welcome Bonus.

This is currently our biggest Welcome Bonus on this site, we could of picked others, but the sites didn't look as trust-worthy, looked like they were based in the outer corners of the earth and only deal in Yen and Baht currency!
We've said It before we only show you offers which we've ourselves used and trust to show you.. otherwise we wouldn't be showing you.

The Bonus is a 200% up to £1000 which means if you wanted to use this offer to the fullest you need to deposit £500 which will get you the £1000 Welcome Bonus, but also to the other end of the spectrum if you bet £30 they'll give you £60 extra to play with meaning you'll actually have £90, aw yeah.

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