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From the guys off Channel 5, we present to you,

Right, this is a big name in the casino market, they're doing so well in fact that Channel 5 are showing them live on late night T.V..

So this is probably where you recognize the name from, when you stumble in at 3am, with your kebab, which you know deep down you shouldn't have but it tastes so damn good, sit down at your table, turn on your T.V and there you see in your intoxicated state..
Some really attractive woman, sometimes a man in a well fitted suit for you ladies out there, presenting on Channel 5

This is where you know this very popular name! Right, now back to the offer..

They've decided that they need to get your attention some how and the way they've come up with this is by giving you a 100% up to £200, this is to get you interested and try out some of their frankly pretty great games.

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