Free Bet Offers – Making The Most Of Yours

There are some important differences between sports betting and more traditional forms of casino gambling such as cards or dice. The major difference is the number of variables that affect the outcome of a sporting event such as football, tennis or horseracing. In Poker, the probability of choosing one card out of a deck will always be one from fifty-two. In tennis, everything from the direction of the wind to what the players had for breakfast can affect the outcome and, therefore, the success of your bet. Knowing how to calculate these different variables can make all the difference to the success of any free bet offers you try.

Regression Systems To Use With Top Free Bet Offers

Everyone has their own system for working out the odds when they place a bet. Some of these systems work better than others when placing free bets or making the most of a bonus bet from a bookmaker. One of the more recognised betting systems is regression analysis. This system for placing bets takes into account a range of variables that can affect the outcome of sports from racing to football. Learning to use regression analysis before making a deposit in your UK online account increases your chances of making a profit from any of the top free bet offers and promotions. Logical regression analysis uses existing data to calculate the probability of a given variable. If you wanted to know the probability of your team winning their next match, and how best to spend your ‘no deposit’ promotional stake, you look at the team’s previous matches and calculate their margin of victory. Multiple regression analysis also looks at past performance but encompasses a greater number of variables related to the two opposing teams. These variables include team formation, home and away play statistics, and previous encounters between the two teams. Individuals who bet on sports regularly use forms of regression analysis without even realising it just by keeping track of details such as, odds, injuries, substitutions, goal differences and reviews surrounding the team. What most people take away from regression analysis is that the more details you know, the more likely you are to place an informed bet that will have a positive outcome on any free bet offers you are utilising to increase the pound in your pocket.

Other Betting Systems For The Latest Free Bet Offers

One of the problems with regression analysis is that it does not take into account things that have never happened before. For example, you use your free bets offer on team ‘A’ because of their superb track record. On match day it’s raining; regression analysis can’t help to predict the effect of the rain on your latest free bet offers if it is an unknown variable. There are betting promotions systems that do take this type of variable into consideration. Using statistical anomalies and the arbitrage betting system are a bonus as they allow details such as weather, crowd sizes and health conditions to be taken into consideration. These systems are still reliant on mathematical equations and previous experience, but they allow you to draw conclusions from wider information before you part with your stake, make your deposit, or make your free matched bet. While your football team’s newest signing has never played in the rain, new signings for other teams have; by analysing what they achieved, you can gain a picture of how your player will cope. The same is true for other sports on which you might choose to use your matched or no deposit free bet offers. Take horse racing; your horse may never have ridden in front of a large crowd, but other horses of the same age and similar temperament will have, and you can use this as a guide. If all else fails, put all the options into a hat, close your eyes and draw one out. This might not give you the best possible odds or return on your free bets, but it will be fun. - Finding The Best Free Bet Offers

Whether you choose a tried and tested system to place your bet or you prefer to stick a pin in the sports page, winning feels a lot better if you are gambling with one of the many free bet offers that are available. Claiming the best free betting offers, from ‘no deposit’ to matched bets, is easy. Simply go to for the latest offers from some of the biggest bookmakers in the UK and find exclusive promotions from companies such as Sky, Betfred, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and William Hill that are not available through other betting websites. Start picking your winners for free with us at today.

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