Free Bets Offer – What Are Matched Bets?

There are many amazing free bets and promotions for people to take advantage of today, and one of the most popular is the ‘matched bet’ deal. In this post, we will reveal more about this type of free bets offer. So, read on to discover everything you need to know.

So, how does a matched bet work? With these types of free bet offers, the bookmaker will agree to match a percentage of your first bet. This will be capped at a certain amount, and the percentage can be anything from 10% to as high as 300% on some occasions. Most bookmakers offer a 100% matched deposit. This essentially means they will give you a free bet worth the same amount as the one you have placed. So, if you place £50 on a horse in the 4.25 at Haydock, you will get a free bet worth £50. As mentioned, these bets are often capped at a certain amount. So, if the bookmaker agrees to match your bet up to £100, and you place a bet worth £150, the free bet you receive will amount to £100, as this is the limit. Other popular matched bets include 50% matched bets and 200% matched bets. The former means you will receive a free bet that is the amount of half of the bet you have placed, whereas the latter means you will be credited with a free bet that is worth twice as much as the initial bet you have placed. Matched bets are one of the most popular types of free bets, and most bookmakers offer them.

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