Free Bets – It Is Possible To Bet For Free

Placing money on the outcome of an activity is most likely as old as competitive activities themselves. Knowing that the outcome of the activity will have a personal effect on you adds to the thrill and excitement of watching. Throughout history, bets have been placed on everything from gladiator fights to snail racing, and sports still rank amongst the most common activities on which to place a bet. To encourage people to use their betting service, online betting companies will offer a range of promotions that mean you can place free bets and enjoy the additional thrill without the additional cost. To achieve this, you need to understand how these promotions work and what exactly it is you are getting from the deal.

Understanding Betting Promotions

Betting sites offer a range of free betting offers to encourage you to continue to use their site exclusively. It’s not that different to a supermarket offering extra reward points on your first shop or giving you your first delivery for free. Like the savvy shopper who moves from shop to shop, if you move between betting promotions you can save more money and even bet for free. The key is to understand what the promotions are offering and how to use them to your advantage. The first thing to remember is to always read the small print. Each type of promotion has its own benefits but check for things such as minimum deposit amounts, and whether the promotion is only for new customers, and how much you can withdraw if you win after placing free bets. One of the main promotions you will come across is companies matching the bet that you place. If you bet £20, they will match that bet, meaning you have a second free bet online for the same amount. How you use the second bet is up to you, within the terms and conditions of the site. There are generally minimum and maximum qualifying limits for these promotions. It’s always sound advice to never bet more than you can afford to lose, but matched betting changes this rule, if you use it to your advantage.

Making The Most Of Free Bet Offers

You’ve chosen your sports betting site, read the small print, signed up and deposited your first betting amount. The question now is how do you turn your matched bet into a free bet? The answer is simple, by using your UK free bets to bet on both possible outcomes of the sports event of your choice. Everyone wants their team to win, but as any sports fan knows that not always the case. If you place a bet for them to win, and they then lose, you lose your money. However, if you use your matched bet to bet on the opposite outcome, your team to lose, then you are covered for both eventualities. Of course, this means that one of your bets will lose, but as only one of them cost you anything, the one that comes in will cover that loss and give you a little extra as well. The size of the profit will depend on the odds associated with the winning bet. You could find yourself hoping for your team to lose if that bet has the better odds attached. Either way, using your free bet offers in this way is perfectly legal and is a great way to enjoy your favourite sport and make a little extra cash.

Evaluating The Risks With Free Bets UK

Very little in life is risk-free, but matched betting is probably as close as it comes as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. As has already been discussed, the first thing to do is check the terms and conditions of the promotion. Every betting site will have its own rules on top of any legal requirements. Once you have done this, you need to consider carefully the type of bet you are making with your free bets UK. Matched betting only minimises your risk of losing on UK betting sites if there are only two possible outcomes. Keeping this in mind, there is little point placing a bet on a specific score line to a game as there are too many possible outcomes (unless you use the matched amount to bet that it won’t be that specific score line). The easiest way to approach this type of betting is to look at the game in terms of win or lose, score or not, finish first or not finish first. If you keep this in mind, then one of your two bets has to come in, and losses on the other are mitigated by the one that comes in. As long as you are only paying out for one of the two eventualities there is no financial risk involved.

When The Best Free Bets Stop

Just as the shopper changes stores when the free delivery stops, the savvy bet placer changes sites when the best free bets stop. Once you have used your matched bet, any further betting on that specific site will involve some element of risk, even if you continue to bet using a lay bet as well. You may also find that the odds you are offered differ once you have used your promotion. Either they will improve to try to keep you there, or after a while they will return to normal as the site will assume they have you hooked. To avoid increasing your risk, look for a new promotion on a new site. Once you have been away for a while a lot of betting sites will try to win you back with new promotions. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your inbox as well as on sites that list new betting promotions and free bets for both new and returning customers. As said before, if you find an offer for returning customers, check the conditions carefully. Often returning customers are subject to more conditions as they don’t want to have to chase you for your business a second time. By moving between different betting sites and looking for new no deposit free bets you can keep your risk of losing at almost zero and make a profit from your free matched bets.

Sourcing The Biggest Free Bets

There are two ways to find the best and biggest free bets available. You can do it yourself, which means a lot of leg work and search time, or you can do it the easy way by using the services of brings you the best free betting offers every week and highlights the deal of the week. In addition to this we provide links direct to the betting sites so you have direct access to the pages you need. Use the contact form on our website if you have any questions. Go to our website,, and start placing your free bets today.

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