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One of the big ones in the game throwing up a MASSIVE Welcome bonus..

When you think Betting, we can guarantee that one of the first names to come into your head is WilliamHill, and for good reason too..
They are up there as one of the top Bookmakers for us no doubt about it, we regularly use them and we recommend them to others too because they are professional. In this business if you mess up once, the customer remembers as it's their money you're messing around with.

Now, WilliamHill Poker have decided to give a massive Welcome Bonus on our Poker section of 200% up to £1,200!

There's not really much to say about it to be honest, the software platform they use for the Poker is good, we didn't have any issues with it at all it's quite intuitive, the design of everything is great and furthermore the Welcome Bonus is Bloody HUGE!
You also get a £10 Free Casino Bonus, a Freeroll Entry for multiple big prizes like Xbox One or a Playstation, also be given 100 Club Points Bonus.

If you're looking to deposit big and get the most bang for your buck, then it's a toss up between two Bookmakers Bet365 and WilliamHill but for sheer Value for money from bonus' then WilliamHill has to win with an extra £200 in your pocket.

Fierce competition between the big names and we love to see it as each has to better each other, meaning the customer gets better deals which in turn gives more chances to win and we can all go to Florida and swim with Dolphins!

.. Handy Information ..

All the poker Welcome Bonus' have a increment program which they stick to, this means that they will give you your Welcome Bonus in small increments when you hit certain points in playing (example: Earn 10 points playing poker gets you £1 of your Welcome Bonus) this changes in regard to how much you've got for your Welcome Bonus, the more you've got in a Welcome Bonus package the bigger the Cash Increments being released will be. Each site has their own specific rules with regards to how many points need to be earned before cash is released.
But fear not, points aren't hard to earn in any of the sites, we've found by just playing normal tables and not exactly being risky and betting loads, the cash is released quite frequently!

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